Marketing is a moving target! You either are a marksmen hunter or a danger in the woods of spending.

So often we fall victim to the marketing sales person that walks through the door promising to make our phone ring. How do you stop the empty promises?


Funny Story: One of these sales people walked through my door. I showed them that we ask where our customers found our number 97% of the time. Every piece of marketing was on this list. Then we had another report for coupons that came in later. The combination of these reports showed me Return On Investment (ROI). Anything that worked we did again and anything that did not work we did not do again.

The definition of "worked" is 8% marketing cost against Revenue generated.

He wanted me to spend $500. I showed him how we measured and that the season was maintenance with an average ticket of $145. So my expectation for ROI was more than 44 calls booked. Knowing my call to close on the phone was 85% (We measured this too) I needed the phone to ring with his opportunity 80 call-ins. I asked him to guarantee me 80 calls or I will get 100% of my money back.

He could not leave fast enough. That is not the funny part. It gets better!

Years later he is working for another firm and I am attending a conference where he is speaking. I stayed  and he saw me in the audience. we made eye contact and he stopped what he was saying. He was speaking on marketing of all things! He publicly called me out and said "Bill Palmer changed the way I viewed marketing. Once I realized the value to the owner is ROI I sought out marketing companies to work for that cared about this. That is why I work for this company. We measure our results then adjust as markets change." Then he told this story.

He is a wonderful man with great values. In all your years so many marketers have been through your doors. Do you have the tools to scare away the jokers? Get started. It starts with your leadership to share with the Call Booking Agent for Call to Close ratio. (Silver and above have access to the scripts) In the scripts are "Where did you find our phone number today?" then do the math! You will become a marketing machine!