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Being Good is Not Good Enough!

Sept. 1, 2015 | Steve Mores

In a recent post we discussed how sales has evolved from ways to “Close the Sale” to “Consultative Selling”. Now it is much more about the “Customers’ Experience” with your company. These experiences, good and bad, are shared among social groups in an almost real-time manner these days. With Facebook, Yelp, Angie’s List, Twitter and many more online avenues for people to share information, consumers have grown accustomed to reading online reviews to help them make buying decisions. These reviews are sometimes about the product itself, yet more often than not, they are about the experience that the customer has had with the company that performed the service.

Knowing this, we should be going beyond just being a good contractor, because today being good is not good enough. Think of how you can offer your customers a great—or even an awesome experience—and go beyond what the typical “good” contractor does today. You have to build a culture of service that goes beyond your customers’ expectations. It is critical that you provide training on and communicate this culture throughout your company from your customer service representatives, office staff, technicians, installers, salespeople and anyone else involved who has contact with your prospects and customers.

An excellent book on this subject of social media company reviews and the dos and don’ts is titled Unselling by Scott Stratten and Alison Kramer. They speak with much more authority and understanding than I have on the subject, and they get into candid details on what to do and what not to do as far as your social media strategy goes. It’s about the big picture of creating loyal customers that refer others to you and how to create content to connect and engage with your customers to separate your company from the masses. It is a fun read with many interesting examples of how this all works.

Start creating that awesome service experience that your customers will want to share with their social circles that will feed into other networks as well. So go ahead and have your tech call the customer while traveling to the call—hands free of course—and offer to buy them a cup of Starbuck’s on the way. Change a burned-out light bulb on a service or maintenance call, bring in the newspaper, take out the garbage and make friends with the dog. Brainstorm with your team on other ways to wow them and have fun in the process!

Remember, the experience you deliver today will drive your business and referrals for tomorrow!


Experience the New Sales Experience

Sales just don’t happen, salespeople aren’t just born, and sales are the key to your success! So if the sale is the genesis of any business and is so important to your growth and continued success, then it merits a bit more in-depth examination. There are many statements that describe sales and the sales experience, yet to be concise sales truly is:
“The transfer of your belief to someone else, and the reward is money.” More >>


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8/10/15 - Training Camp for NFL Teams and Contractors

The coaches have put their game plans together for each aspect of the game. Each team has drafted or traded for what they feel is the best team. Offense, defense and special teams all have separate plans, yet they all have to work together as a team to make it successful. Now it’s time to train, train, and train some more so that the game plan becomes second nature and the team can execute it to the highest levels. The coordinators are held accountable by the head coach who in turn is held accountable by management.



Is Your Business Running More Calls and Doing More Sales,
But You Have Less Money to Show for It? 

                                             Money Stack Arrow 

Eventually, every company will hit a growth plateau. Pushing the growth of your business beyond this plateau to the next level requires an operational change. 

This change is found in your profit and loss statement. These numbers tell the story. Schedule a no-obligation appointment, and we’ll reveal the details. The Profit Journey has gathered top industry experts with vast knowledge on breaking through these plateaus, and they will share their insider expertise in your private session. 

As a business owner, few things are more frustrating than being stuck at a plateau. We get it. We’ve lived it, and we can show you how to break through.
John Maxwell calls this the "Plateaus of Business". There are many of these plateaus throughout the life-cycle of your business. In the trades we have them figured out. Prepare before you get there so you can transition right by them to the next level.

Call 866-577-5239 now or email us at info@TheProfitJourney.com to reserve your FREE private professional business coaching session on breaking through the growth plateau.


7/20/15 - Are you priced right in your market? Not Sure? You or your Business Consultant should contact us.

                                                       Target $

There are many variables to consider when looking at your pricing strategy; like overhead costs, business model, age of systems, competitive environment and management tools. There is a quick method for you to know with certainty if you are priced right for Repair and Maintenance using your profit and loss statement as a minimum standard.

Knowing that…

1. The Dispatcher manages the technicians time in front of the customer and
2. They also decide, based on technicians skills who to send

…measure labor cost percentage of revenue generated and cost of fuel percentage of revenue.

These two combined are your indicators. You don’t want to find out after repair season that you have not charged enough.

This same method can be used as a technician and dispatcher bonus program once you have it benchmarked by employee.

Still not sure if you are priced right? The Profit Journey will work with your Business Consultant to ensure accurate pricing for you and your market. Call us at 866-577-5239 or email us at info@TheProfitJourney.com


Stop Restoration Companies from Paying Your Techs Direct

Today the restoration companies work hard with the Plumbing Technicians to pay them big Commissions for leads (Finder’s Fees), often times more than the wages paid by the plumbing company. To do this the restoration companies have a sales person roaming 5 days a week around the city stopping at gas stations and fast food where these employees go. When the Plumbing Technician arrives at a plumbing company generated job-site and finds an opportunity to get the restoration company involved, they call the highest finder’s fee paying Restoration Company to come out and do the work. If the plumbing technician refers a bad restoration company it is a bad reflection on the company.

The plumbing company can dictate that they only refer certain restoration companies but we know that sometimes they still refer the Restoration Company that pays the most and just doesn’t tell anyone. Some Plumbing Technicians take a position not to recommend anyone if they do not like the Companies choice.

The real issue to be addressed is integrity and ethics. The Restoration Company industry has a bad reputation of billing insurance for more than what is really being repaired. The higher the finder’s fee the more unscrupulous the Restoration Company tends to be.
Claimsparency based Restoration Companies are vetting only ethics driven Restoration Companies that want to see this process changed. This software opens every job to be completely transparent so everyone can see the whole process. Insurance Agents, Insurance Adjusters, Plumbing companies, Roofing Companies, the home owners, the employees doing the work all in real-time!

This new concept empowers the Business Owner and inside employees to protect their customers and deliver a higher level of service. To keep this new concept for referrals simple, it is no longer done when the Technician arrives. It is done when the customer calls for service directly with the Agent (CCR). With very little training this can happen in a couple hours.

Since Claimsparency is a web-based product the appointment can be scheduled from anywhere, meaning an open browser ready at all times. What this also means is the company is in control of all the finder fees generated. This new revenue stream can help owners pay office personnel what they are really worth to the company reducing turnover and increasing the caliber of people wanting to work for them.

1) What we also find is this level of caring for your customer comes through is higher than your competition. Many times the customer has to call the Insurance Agent then the restoration company. We bypass this step WITH THEM. AND working with the Restoration Company many time saving the customer money if the Restoration Company is able to pay the plumber for the repairs instead of the homeowner.

2) We also learned by doing this process that for every 1 plumbing technician equates to 1 new call a week at an 80% Restoration Company conversion to do work generated by the CCR. (4 to 5 times what the Plumbing Technicians can generate. It isn’t that there are more claims. It is the same number of claims. It just means that you save this customer a step and took control of who gets the work.
The Profit Journey is always looking for ways to bring more income to their clients. By partnering with a transparent Restoration Company you are raising the service level bar in your market, bringing in new revenue for your office employees, protecting your reputation and making your company ethically solid in the process.

Currently Available in AZ, CO and NE. If you have an ethical Restoration Company they need this program for you, the contractor. Contact Bill at 602-283-6336 or email bpalmer@theprofitjourney.com. 


Domination Marketing Concept:

Objective: To position in a market as the dominate replacement contractor during the slow season of Fall-Spring in the south and spring through fall in the North, while at the same time building Preventative Maintenance Plans.

Marketing for replacement seems to be one question while booking the appointments another. The differentiator to work as a hook and book for this is Price Guarantee called “Apples to Apples”.

Apples to Apples states your company has national buying power. We can buy every brand less than our competitors. We pass that savings on to the customer. Not only will we match Apples to Apples any brand on price but buy you $50 dinner at Red Lobster or your favorite restaurant.”

For a business owner to do this there are many operational things they have to have in place:

1) Professional Marketing by brand approach
2) Straight Commission Sales people willing to build value over the competition
       a. Do a heat load calculation
       b. Do Repair VS Replace form for monthly savings
       c. Use the website for testimonials
       d. 5 most recent bids from the competitors
       e. Commission set against gross margin percentage
               i. 60% or more (9% commission)
               ii. 58% - 8.5% commission
               iii. 56% - 8%
               iiii. 54% - 7.5%
               v. 52% - 7%
              vi. 50% - 6%
              vii. 48% - 5%
              viii. Less than 48% negotiated by GM
3) Lead setter with the right words to build value and close appointments at 75% or higher
4) Answer the phones live after hours
5) Use call monitoring for coaching the call setters
6) Positive reinforcement for call takers via games
7) Straight Commission installers 6% or less
8) Equipment pricing at 33% of revenue or less of the competition
9) Goal in marketed area of $11 per household or better

Timing for this is everything. Branding should start 2 weeks prior the spending cycle. The spending cycle is typically the change of seasons. A trigger could be the first freeze, the first heat index of 93 degrees or the end of rainy season depending on your climate. The program ends at the middle of maintenance season prior demand season.