Home Repair Business Consultants - This is for you!

Imagine you own all the tools of McDonald's Franchisor at your fingertips. When a freezer at any McDonald's temperature goes higher than freezing a contractor is dispatched from corporate to fix it. They realize the cost of lost product is more than just the cost of the product it is the value of the end product that gets lost. TPJ programs, by design, offers the alarms to send your client the help they need before we lose all that is gained within 24 hours operationally in your client's business. You will call them up with confidence that they are backsliding from the change you recommended OR Congratulate them for the success.

As a Consultant you have the ability to look at the users, your client, Daily Managers Report, Month To Date Actual VS Budget, Tactical Marketing Plan AND the Flight Business Plan. You will be able to see the immediate needs are before they even realize it is a problem and react accordingly in the best interest of your client. Won't they be surprised when you proactively call them to congratulate or offer more training?!?!?! Over all your value added Gross Margin Dollars to their business in only 60 days by eliminating potential loses.

We will train you to conduct the yearly business plan workshop called "Intentionally Profitable" and supply additional tools and programs you may already offer. These programs are designed for the "operational" approach to building a profitable company. They discover what needs to change for them to become successful.

Also provided are many template tools they might ask for like Employee Hand Book, Team Profiles for Performance, Bonus for performance calculator, Forms, Pricebook, Accessory Sales Materials, Marketing nuggets like Template Tune-Up Card's and much more.

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The Idea here is to assure your success with your client and retain them for many years and needs for when they grow under your watch. You will offer all the pieces of the puzzle in business that they need when they need it and be able to tell them when the need is coming so they can prepare.

You will use the JourneyBoard Membership to secure them for ever. The JourneyBoard enables them to stop micro-managing and start macro-managing. They become dependent on it for sanity and FREEDOM!

Since you are doing all the work you will receive lion share of the proceeds.

If there is something not here we will create it. Our Board is diverse and experienced.

You get cost effective online payment processing too.

You can not lose!