Site Updates


- Tech user Logins on mobile

- Competative vendor price checking

- Parts Replenish by Truck

- Price locking for vendors

- Insuring priced right with sales of parts by PO generation

- Parts ordering Daily, Weekly or Monthly

- Streamline user functionality

- Control all purchasing by employee

- Credit Card updating that was previously broken by account

- Credit Card Processing for one-time purchases

- API for Dispatch software integration

- User login not Caps specific

- Cleanup PO's for easy reading and editing

- Sales Commissions Math updated by Selling Tech

- Truck Kits for developing specific parts by truck for services they provide. Multi-Vendor ordering streamlined


- Updated Pricing on the Register Page

- Business Coaches have new reference point of what account they are in

- Parts management reformatting for easier use and more intuitive to the needs of the user.

- Squashed a lot of bugs for easier use as a business coach


- Sales and CCR Debrief has a new Notes Field. Any details about the call can be recorded here for easy reference for follow up by manager.

- Parts Replenish has the largest updates:

1) Added the Vendor account# for the part. In this way a Vendor can see where they purchased the part and can reorder

2) Added Customer account the Vendor so the PO will have the clients account number on the PO Generated

3) Cleaned up Create PO page for easier look and feel


#127 - Added Revenue and % Parts Cost to the PO Generator to always be sure on every job contractor is priced right.

#86 - For the Business Consultants we added a new feature in the "Client Files". A notes area that is dated, a subject line for easy search and click to read. It also have a field for type of contact (Phone, Email, Site Visit, etc.). This is only viewed by you.

#520 - Added "Kits" to Flight Plan. Kits are the fixed inventory for a specific job a technician performs. This is good for understanding how much money is actually on the truck for inventory, easy to add a truck with 3 clicks for all vendors, to get the truck back on the road fast after inventory, pre-order a truck stock, remove all inventory for counting then load the new inventory. Someone internal or even your vendors can count it for you, reset and do it again.

#433 - Parts Cost automatically shows up when using truck replenish program for Tech performance metrics. Actual Gross Margin Hour is now calculated.


#560 - Minor fix to insure all Mobile debriefs only come from the catalog's built. It will error if someone trys to enter something else.

#556 - Easy debrief parts edit. Now you can edit a debrief directly from the PO Screen. Note the Invoice is underlined and green. You can click on it to go edit the debrief then it flips back to the PO to complete.

#567 - Vendor Fax # is no longer required

#537 - Parts cost comparison by Vendor is complete. In Flight Plan, Parts Search for common part name, search, see all the parts with cost in front of the part name to see what they cost by vendor.

#568 - Parts Cost. Now you can layout a job before you do the job. In the invoice line put the invoice#, order parts, flip to main site, PO to place the order ALL REAL-TIME!

#86 - Business Coaches and Groups; In Client Files there is a new field for you to put your internal notes. Strongly recommend you put date, time of contact AND type of Contact (Email, Phone, Event, etc.) along with your notes.

#127 - Update PO Extended Cost to be real-time adjust. Meaning when you change the number of units it also changes the extended price and percent of cost against Revenue. BEWARE! The % is not right. Next update this will be fixed.


 - Moved parts up on Debrief for clients that do not do a whole debrief and only use parts on Platinum. Companies not using parts on platinum will simply skip over parts.

 - Added Purchase Order parts cost percent by job on "Create Purchase Order"

 - Added intuitive next steps when on-boarding new clients in Flight Plan. For instance when "Start" is submitted then it goes to "Department".

 - Added 20 more characters to Tech Debrief. There are now 40 characters. In this way more data can be entered for site description. For instance Customer Name, Phone number, or brief note. 

 - Tech Debrief (PC only) - Added a new button. To order a unique part called "Add Custom Part". In this way when the tech needs to order a part not normally carried on the truck and the dispatcher needs to add it on the fly they can do it from the Purchase Order, Tech Debrief. This assures the cost against the job. You can always do another debrief on the same invoice number later to catch up the total hours worked. However we recommend when the work is completed to go into the employee, find the date and edit the same record there.


 - Parts Catalog options. Added 2 new features. Import from the back-end an existing catalog and upload from the front-end a clients catalog. This is done with Excel for both. There is a specific format by vendor to follow.