Intentionally Profitable Workshops

The whole point going into business is freedom. Unfortunately the day to day gets in the way! We have the tools to reverse this. Come to workshop!

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Whether you're struggling to make payroll, trying to minimize seasonal downturns, looking to hire a qualified employee or just trying to figure out next steps for marketing, Owning a business is not a destination. Owning a business is the vehicle to the destination. The Profit Journey’s proven methods will guide and direct you through with the tools and processes you need for a smooth ride.

We get it. All of the associates at The Profit Journey have been in your shoes! Profit doesn’t just happen. PLANNED PROFIT and GROWTH start with understanding your business model. Our process is unique to your business. Together we will build your model, teach you how to hire, train, and maintain quality employees. Our method will motivate your employees with systems and processes that enable you to pay them more as their measured performance increases while ensuring your profitability. You will have the tools to run your business like clockwork so that you can work on and not in your business from anywhere including the Caribbean, hence "The Caribbean Plan".

The "Caribbean Plan" includes innovative tools and techniques for team accountability and marketing strategies. Many entrepreneurial spirited people that work for others want to chase the American Dream to go into business for themselves. We assist them with the profitability journey unique profit planning tools to run their business instead of the business running them.

Profit is rarely an accident. Profit is planned. The Journey of owning/running a business is like a long decathlon. The hardest part of owning a business where people are the revenue generators is managing these people with integrity and not as a dictator. Motivating team members to build front-line personnel working in home service companies are the primary focus. Electricians, Plumbers, Air Conditioning, Roofing, etc will be the beneficiary of this well rounded program. The difference is setting the “Gross Margin per Hour” to match the needs of the company for 20% or better profit then the company enters their numbers daily. This information helps us coach the owners for next opportunities to train the employees being measured.

The workshop takes your current overhead costs to develop single number for you to measure your "Profit by Field Employee" by the hour worked. Making all the decision making and training opportunities present them self each week. You will be amazed at how easy this is to grow past Ceiling Level 4!