Private Consultations

Intro to The Profit Journey. A 14 minute video 10/2013



That is right! With the Platinum and Gold Membership Plans we can come to you. Let's say you are struggling to get over Level 4. This is where it is time to insert middle managers. We do an evaluation of your needs prior to coming out. We review and set up the new Team Profiles (Because this is what you do at Level 4) that establish expectations of revenue producers, training programs,  systems for performance to support the managers. They have test drove the tools and are just not getting it. It is time for intervention! We are there for a week. We coach by example. Meaning we do the morning meetings for motivating. We do the interviewing of potential employees, we record the phones and coach for success on the phones, what ever the challenge we lead by example for your team to learn from. There is a mandatory follow up 1 month later we visit for 2 day again. We keep coming back every 1quarter until it is right. We can do training by webinar at no additional cost but nothing works better than the real thing!


Included with Silver, Gold and Platinum Membership plans there are 4 programs online.

1) Daily you will receive on your email proposed training idea for tomorrow. You can use the prerecorded video's, we can do a live streaming training with us as conductor, we can recruit from another resource a vendor, motivator, etc. What ever it takes for your team to be a success 15 minutes every day.

2) Newsletters: Each month we produce a newsletter for you to see and hear other peoples success and how they got there, new products, services and programs for you to take advantage of that have no cost to you and some that might.

3) Each week there are suggested marketing programs developed and tested by our marketing vendors (Journey Partners) and contractors within our program.

4) National Scorecard: That's right! The National JourneyBoard Ranking by tech and CSR each Week/Month and Year for the awards Cerimony starting February 2014.

By Telephone

The bicycle objective of The Profit Journey is while the business owner steers the company, we help with peddling to get to the BHAG as fast as possible. Should you get distracted and zig when you should have zagged, we are there to get on the phone to help steer back on course then start peddling again with you. Most of the time it is on the phone.