Scripts are so Misunderstood and so Necessary.

Most people are intimidated that they have to read while talking to customers. reassure your team that scripts with role-play is how you save money on marketing costs.It is based on call to close ratio. The purpose of a script is to practice in a controlled environment and not on customers! you know how much it cost to make the phone ring? Cut the cost by doing role-play for a week before getting on the phone. Listen to yourself on the phone to answer did I use the sales process to book the call AND make a new friend today?

Set up your phones right the first time

It is about focus, consistency and skills based routing for the World Class Service means more than just answering the phone 24/7. It includes the person answering the phone will solve the issue WITHOUT transferring the call. Set it up right the first time. - Thank you Todd!

The national average for Call To Close Ratio on the phone is less than 47%. I have seen worse! If you use an answering machine after hours you can add 9% more business just answering the phone. If you have a service tech answering the calls after hours because they are on call you can add 6% more business. When you use a proven script 24/7 you increase over 40% more work. Here is the equation to know if you are not answering the phone effectively.

Marketing costs exceed 12%, CSR payroll before taxes is higher that 5.6% and ticket average is 1/2 of the national standard.

The reasons behind these numbers are simple.

1) Ticket Average: Did we make a good first impression to make a new friend that will trust the person coming to their home?

2) Marketing 12% & CSR cost combined is directly relative to % call to close Ratio. If we are bringing in more money with the same fixed costs the percentages go down.

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