Team Profiles

Based on the different business models, the Team Profiles will differ slightly for productivity.

These are not "Job Descriptions".  These are the expectations of the specific positions performance, who is there to help you achieve these, the expected training program to complete and the rewards for performance.  A Job Description is the detail of responsibilities from the daily grind, like cleaning your desk every day and clocking in.

For Instance Customer Service Representative:

The Customer Service Representative (CSR) is the first impression of the company.  Since you only get one chance to make a first impression we are scripted until you take ownership of all the processes and procedures of ABC Contracting.

Our expectations are:

1) Call answered 2-3 rings.  No more no less.

2) Regardless of what may be going on at home or the workplace that the callers hears your smiling.

3) Use the Company Initial Greeting "It's a GREAT Day at ABC Contracting we are the cleanest contractor in town or you do not pay. My name is ______________________,  how can I make you SMILE?"

4) We are paperless.  Meaning you have to be able to type in the answers to the questions on the screen while discussing with client.

5) No dead air.  Meaning you need to be able to think, type, and talk at the same time.

6) Accuracy is very important.  It is always better to have too much information with correct spelling and punctuation.

7) If you are late more than 2 times a pay-period, it is grounds for termination.

8) If you can not work a shift, you need to find your own replacement.

9) We pay bonus for performance.  Meaning the national Call to Close average in our industry is 50%.  We pay $10.00/hour for 50% with the expectation that this will improve.  Most of our other CSR's at 85% or higher.  They are at $15- $20 per hour.

10) We do contests.  You are expected to participate and win once in a while.  They are over a month period.  These bonuses are based on a specific product or service we are promoting.

11) We are professional, so we dress business casual.  Low cut and miniskirts are not compliant.

12) Meals are staggered based on call volume. Lunches will be 30 mins and flexible times.  Please communicate your needs to your supervisor.

13) We believe in Win-Win-Win.  Customer-Employee-Company.  Without all three winning, we can not expect to grow.  All decisions can be made based on this principle.

14) There is no seniority in this company.  We base everything on performance.  WE are committed to help you grow with the company, with tools and training.  Should you choose not to use them, you will probably not perform very well.  We encourage you to become all you can be with us.

I am purposely leaving the the scale of performance program off this document.  You must be a Silver Member or higher to get the performance math.

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