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Russ Puckett       Cell 513-592-1232

Based in Ohio, with over 40 years involvement in HVAC and Plumbing businesses, Russ Puckett, Business Consultant and General Manager, knows the Heating Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Plumbing businesses from every standpoint.

Russ believes that any company can be profitable that has the proper processes and procedures in place along with the right pricing and a follow-up system that holds everyone accountable for achieving the goals of the company. Russ has worked for and with companies that implemented those systems, and the results have been outstanding. Some of those results using these systems are as follows:

Company “A” had an increase in revenue of 100% with an increase in net profit of 400%

Company “B” had an increase of service agreements of 250%

Company “C” had reduction in call backs from 20% to 3% and an increase in customer satisfaction from 65% to 96%

Most recently, as General Manager of the Midwest Retail Division for Puronics Services Inc., a leading full service (installation, maintenance, sales andservice) Water Softener, Treatment, Filtration and Service Plumbing company, he was responsible for strategic planning and development for the company’s growth and profitability. While managing the company, implementing plans, and deploying the resources needed to carry out company objectives, he also planned future campaigns, new revenue streams, and production levels. Russ also worked with the front line managers to help them coordinate team members and assure achievement of the company’s goals.

As General Manager for HOUSH – The Home Energy Experts, based in Monroe, Ohio, he planned, developed and implemented processes and procedures, and followed up on the development of plans for the future growth and profitability of the HVAC department and newly created Energy Audit Department.

Running his own consulting service for HVAC businesses – Russ Puckett & Associates – Russ helped companies implement processes and procedures, and developed Key Performance Indicators to help contractors achieve greater profits.

Russ further served as Vice President & General Manager with Atlas Butler Heating & Cooling in Columbus, Ohio, providing turn-around leadership for the company’s residential heating and air conditioning operations. Managing a $10M annual budget and 80 professionals, he developed Key Performance Indicators, operating goals, and programs that consistently improved profits and customer satisfaction.

Russ has served as President and Board Member of the Ohio Chapter of the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA), helping develop guidelines and procedures for getting State contracting licensing.

Russ Puckett further lends his able support to the American Red Cross and the Wounded Warrior Project, as well as the Kiwanis Clubs.

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William "Bill" Palmer            Cell 602-283-6336

Bill Palmer has a history of phenomenal success coaching using these methods. The business ceilings are a complex financial and asset evaluations process that confuses many. We are here to eliminate the confusion and help the owner realize their goals. There are so many people that work in home services that go into business for them self then discover it is not as easy as they thought. They discover “The Ceilings of Business”. The Ceilings are what happens when they think they are doing well as revenue increases then discover they have not made any money. There is usually and operational change they should have incorporated to course correct the situation. We like to use the analogy of pulling off a band-aide; it can be slow and painful or quick with just a burn. As an industry expert, Palmer already knows where the ceilings are and can show owners what to prepare for so it is not as painful and can make the transition quick.

Operations Expert: Palmer’s career spans over three decades with emphasis in franchise development in the home services industry. During which time has worked for several corporate and independent franchise operations providing guidance and implementing strategic business best practices and planned growth.

Increased revenue by 23.5% in less than one year

Coach and Facilitator: Palmer possesses an ability to train others to take ownership with confidence and authority while embracing complex topics and making them usable for day-to-day applications. He has enhanced and launched multiple training programs for financial, operations, sales and marketing forecasting.

Increased royalty revenue base by 48% in the first 18 months

Change Manager: Throughout Palmer’s career he has successfully established, developed and sold several lucrative service based businesses. He also has significant experience with mergers and acquisitions.

Increased shareholder equity by 32% in first year

Realized 22% growth in one-quarter due to acquisition

Understanding the Power of Your Financial Statement: Palmer retains a keen ability of reading financial statements and being able to ascertain what changes need to be implemented as it relates to operations and sales. His methodologies convert financial data to processes and procedure to accomplish set goals.

Increased franchisers profitability 10% in first year to 29% with onsite visits to first understand the current model then inject the right training needed for that franchisee to grow.

You cannot lose!

Karl Peterson                Cell 518-538-1027

Karl is fortunate and not so fortunate, to have experienced many aspects of business within numerous industries from start-ups to closings. While primary emphasis has been within the HVAC industry … grey iron foundries, machine shops, fitness and health services, wholesale distribution, and retail outlets, round out a diverse history of entry level hands on through upper management and ownership.

These decades of successes and setbacks have all been “learning opportunities” that has created a solid foundation of best business practices. His concentration in operations, the nuts and bolts of any successful company no matter the industry. Creating a culture of the triple WIN Clients, Employees, and of course the Company. He loves doing this over and over again, he says “even though there are many similarities each one is also different”. With the ultimate goal being profitability in all cases.  Karl realized he most enjoys, getting there, the trip, the journey … “The Profit Journey”

Karl has joined The Profit Journey. He is dedicated to educate as many Owners/Manager as possible to increase their profits as if they were his own. He not only says this, he lives it “Your Profits are our Business! Guaranteed!”