Terry Barrett, General Manager

Thank you for helping me set up my business plan. I was amazed that we were able to do in 3.5 hours what would have normally taken me days locked up in a room somewhere. I would not have believed that we could have possibly set up a yearly plan that included how many calls I needed to get on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to make AirNow Heating and Cooling a success. While this alone would have been worth the money, it has also helped us uncover other areas that we needed to focus on, such as non-revenue calls, warranty calls and whether we should in-house our warranties or consider purchasing them. I am truly amazed at the level of detail that the Profit Journey has, but one thing that I surely am impressed with is the level of care that Bill Palmer has. His patience with me and even others that I have sent to work with him proves that he has a calling and purpose to help companies grow and be successful, so for that you could not go wrong by letting him help you be more profitable and have a plan. Remember people don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.


David and Julie AdamsDaveand Julie Adams2011

2010 Franchisee of the Year

Victoria, Texas has 70,000 people. David and Julie own an AireServ Franchise there. This is a Dwyer Group Concept franchisee. From 2010 they were earning $3.25 per capita. What this means is they could could walk down the street and for every person they looked at they put $3.25 in their pocket. in 2011 they sailed past that to a whopping $12.00/capita. Can you imagine in your market how much money that is? That is not enough, how about double digit profit too! They earned Franchisee of the year because they did not waiver away from the model. They stayed true and did everything their coaches told them. They participated for 3 years in every event, class and trainings including the yearly business planning strategy.                             

Video 2011 Aire Serv Franchisee of the Year - Elton & Anna Stewart